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Maharashtra bars foreigners from organ transplants

Times of IndiaThe Times of India | Dec 19, 2015
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NAGPUR: The state government has amended laws for organ donation and included grandparents and grandchildren in the list of donors. At the same time it has banned extraction of organs of minors and mentally challenged persons.

Announcing the changes in law, medical education minister Vinod Tawde said that now organs donated by Indian citizens can no longer be transplanted in bodies of foreigners. "Other than doctors now trained paramedical staff can also extract eyes from donors. The committee appointed to oversee such transplants under the Act have now been given judicial powers," he added.

The minister further said, "The Human Organ Transplant Act was passed by the central government in 1994 and it was implemented in the state in toto. In order to address challenges arising in the field, the central government amended the act in 2011. The state government decided to incorporate these amendments and also make some changes on its own." ...

Spare organs: Illegal organ transplant market thrives in Pakistan

Pakistan tribune

The Express Tribune | Dec 6, 2015
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By Ferya Ilyas

For nearly 18 years Sameer Kiran lived in fear of an impending renal failure. The Karachi-based physician was diagnosed with an incurable congenital renal disease at the age of 24, and an early detection allowed him to arrange for a life-saving transplant procedure in time. Today, he lives to tell the tale of his battle with the silent disease, not knowing whether his donor was as fortunate.

My doctors said there was nothing I could do and that I just have to wait and watch until the kidneys fail. And they eventually did in 2011,” says Kiran. Unlike the great majority of renal failure cases in Pakistan, Kiran was put on dialysis well before the complete collapse of his kidneys. In the three years that followed, he endured the morbidities of dialysis while searching for a family donor, and came close to death twice. When things started to look bleak, he decided to expand his pool of donors in a desperate attempt to find a match...

Israeli organ smuggler captured in Istanbul

Israeli organ smugglerYeni Şafak | Dec 4, 2015
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Turkish Police detained an Israeli man on Friday wanted by Interpol on charges of organ smuggling and fraud.

He was sent to court after being detained at Istanbul Atatürk Airport; it was determined that he was in Turkey illegally. Interpol among other law enforcement agencies had a red notice out for his arrest.

Wolfman is said to be a major figure in a gang that removes kidneys and other organs from living donors, who often have nothing else of value, and resells them at high prices to others who need transplants. This illegal business is rife with exploitation and unsanitary practices.

Police are now seeking other suspects in connection with an organ-trading ring connected to Wolfman.

Need a kidney? Inside the world’s biggest organ market


 Al Jazeera | Oct 8, 2015

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By Nishtha Chugh 

Chennai, India - Three years ago, Vikas was a school dropout helping his father till the family farm near the northern Indian city of Kanpur - a job he despised.

But today, his fortunes have changed. The 26-year-old is earning much more money working as one of the hundreds of kidney brokers across the Indian subcontinent, fuelling an ever-expanding multimillion-dollar black market for the sought-after human organ.

"If you have the money and want it fast, you come here. I will find you a donor and you can go home with a new kidney in a month," Vikas told Al Jazeera, speaking on the condition that his real name not be published.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), South Asia is now the leading transplant tourism hub globally, with India among the top kidney exporters. Each year more than 2,000 Indians sell their kidneys, with many of them going to foreigners...

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