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When donations end up serving only the well-off

the hinduThe Hindu | August 11, 2014
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The medical community has long been advocating the need to create more awareness for organ donations in the country. Now, going a step further, medical experts have called for reforms in organ retrievals in the context of both living as well as deceased organ donations so that the benefits could reach all who truly need them.

Dr. Vivekanand Jha of the George Institute for Global Health-India (an organisation working in the area of public health) said: “While paid donations exploit the poor and the vulnerable, deceased donations preferentially end up serving only the well-off. This is a serious human rights issue, which needs to be addressed by the policy-makers.”...


Police Say Mistake Made, Kidney Transplants Legal

Cambodia daily mistake  The Cambodia Daily | August 12, 2014

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After a two-month investigation, police were confident enough to arrest and interrogate nine people on Saturday over an alleged kidney trafficking ring at the state-run Preah Ket Mealea military hospital, including its director Ly Sovann, a lieutenant general in the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF).

But in an inexplicable about-face Monday, Prum Santhor, deputy Phnom Penh police chief in charge of anti-human trafficking, said all of his department’s work was a “big mistake.”

Mr. Santhor said that allegations that the hospital was being used as a conduit to remove organs from patients and sell them for tens of thousands of dollars to recipients, a blatant violation of the law, were entirely inaccurate.

“[The kidney transplants are] legal because they [the organ donors] volunteer,” Mr. Santhor said after reading a prepared statement to reporters in his office at the municipal police commissariat. “No one forces them to do it; there is nothing tricky going on and no cheating going on.”...


Human kidneys disguised as frozen seafood

Shanghai DailyThe Shanghai Daily | August 11, 2014

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HUMAN kidneys were labeled as seafood when sent from Nanchang, capital of east China’s Jiangxi Province, to Guangzhou, The Beijing News reported as it revealed details of a trade that led to 12 people being sent to prison last month.

The kidneys were stored in a refrigerated container before being flown south to the Guangdong Province capital. One of the gang, Mo Yongqing, said airport security were told it was frozen seafood, something he said that worked every time.

Mo, 32, was among those sentenced to between two years and nine and a half years in prison last month at Qingshanhu District People’s Court in Nanchang...


Hospital’s dark secret

The Phnom Penh PostThe Phnom Penh Post | August 11, 2014
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Police on Saturday busted an alleged organ-trafficking ring operating out of a military hospital in Phnom Penh, a ring they say included medical professionals working there and two generals from the Ministry of Defence.

It is the second group of arrests purportedly connected to the illegal organ trade in as many months.

According to a statement released by the Municipal Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Office, the group stands accused of “human trafficking with intent and being the accomplices of human trafficking with intent”...

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