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Vietnam police probe paid kidney 'donors' for hint of trafficking


 ThanhNienNews.com | Tuesday, April 29, 2014 

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Vietnam— Police in Vietnam's Mekong Delta have identified eight people, including five siblings, who "donated" their kidney in exchange for money in what might lead authorities to uncover an organ-trafficking ring.

Trafficking ring lured desperate young women to Turkey in body organs-for-cash scheme


 The Jerusalem Post | May 27, 2012 

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Negev, Turkey — Suspect, a man in his 50s from southern Israel, remains at large; he promised girls aged 18 to 20 tens of thousands of dollars.

410 Saudis said to buy organs on black market

Saudi Arabia

 ArabianBusiness.com | April 22, 2014

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Saudi Arabia — As many as 410 Saudis have bought organs – mainly kidneys – from the black market for illegal transplantations over the past two years, Makkah daily reported.

Israel Transplant Center reaches all-time high in number of transplants, potential donors

israel 20140119-1

 The Jerusalem Post | January 19, 2014
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392 lives were saved in 2013 by deceased and live donors; 90,000 more people signed ADI donor cards.

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