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National Workshop of Transplant Coordinators Provides Guidelines to Promote Deceased Donation in India


MD India | March 6, 2013
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New Delhi — A high level workshop that included international and Indian stakeholders from the field of organ transplantation met in Delhi over 3 days to discuss ways to increase the deceased donation rate in the country and help overcome organ shortage.

German medicine rocked by Leipzig organ donor scandal


BBC News | January 3, 2013
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Germany — Prosecutors are investigating an organ donor scandal in the east German city of Leipzig in which doctors allegedly manipulated an organ waiting list.

Crisis in Germany's organ transplantation system


The Lancet | January 19, 2013
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Germany — Organ donation is an altruistic practice that relies on public trust in the medical profession and the existence of a fair, ethical system for organ allocation and transplantation. If this system breaks down, the consequences can be far-reaching as Germany is now witnessing.

China to cut jail organ-harvesting programmes


Al Jazeera | November 2, 2012
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Beijing — Beijing to implement national organ donation service, reducing dependency on death-row donors.(Photo: ALLO/GETTY)

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