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Big kidney-transplant network trial begins


Shanghai Daily | March1, 2012
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MEDICAL professionals in east China's Jiangsu Province are among 16 people standing trial in Beijing, charged with engaging in the country's biggest human organ-trafficking case.

Turkish Doctor Arrested in Organ Trafficking Ring


AOL News | Jan. 22, 2012
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A surgeon dubbed "Dr. Frankenstein" by the Turkish media has been arrested on suspicion of heading a Kosovo-based organ-smuggling gang that illegally snatched kidneys and sold them to wealthy customers around the world.

KOSOVO: Toronto man who bought kidney abroad is key witness


thestar.com | Jan. 22, 2012
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When Raul Fain boarded Turkish Airways Flight 1017 from Istanbul to Kosovo on July 25, 2008, he was no ordinary tourist. The ailing investment consultant from North York had just paid $127,000 to purchase a kidney and, according to European investigators, was engaging in the controversial but growing practice of transplant tourism.

New Delhi, India; Soon, national body to procure, distribute organs


The Times of India | Jan. 22, 2012
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NEW DELHI: After allowing swapping of organs, India is working on another landmark step in organ transplantation: a single apex national organization that will procure and distribute human organs.

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