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Kuwait Transplant Society is utilizing social media in a bid to raise awarenes


Kuwait Times | March 19 2012
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KUWAIT: Kuwait Transplant Society (KTS) is utilizing social media in a bid to raise awareness and increase the number of organ donors in the country. According to Dr Mustafa Al-Mousawi, Vice President of the Society, social media is an ideal way to connect and raise awareness: “Social media is the best way to reach people at the moment....

Organ recipient testifies at trial in Kosovo


Associated Press | March 23 2012
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PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) — A Canadian man testified Friday that he paid $105,000 (€80,000) to an Israeli citizen in 2008 to organize a kidney transplant in a Kosovo clinic allegedly used by an international organ trafficking network for dozens of illegal operations.

In Israel, a New Approach to Organ Donation


NY Times | February 16, 2012
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One of the most agonizing spots in medicine is the "transplant list." When I've referred patients for organ transplant — heart, liver, kidney — it is the start of an anguished wait.

Growing Market for Human Organs Exploits Poor


ScienceDaily (Mar. 12, 2012
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A Michigan State University anthropologist who spent more than a year infiltrating the black market for human kidneys has published the first in-depth study describing the often horrific experiences of poor people who were victims of organ trafficking.

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