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Trading human organs: ‘Clear Malaysia’s name’


Free Malaysia Today | September 27, 2011
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Kuala Lumpur— A group of kidney doctors want police to investigates report that a local hospital in Selangor is involved in an international syndicate trading human organs

Trial Opens for 7 Kosovars in Organ-Trafficking Case


The New York Times | October 4, 2011
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PRISTINA, KOSOVO — The trial of seven Kosovars accused of participating in an international organ trafficking ring opened here Tuesday.

No free medicine for overseas organ transplants


The Sun Daily| October 16, 2011
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BANGI (Oct 16, 2011): Beginning January next year, Malaysians who travel abroad for organ transplants provided on commercial basis will not be allowed to get free supply of immunosuppressant drugs from government hospitals.

M'sia among countries in illegal kidney trade probe


The Sun Daily| September 22, 2011
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NEW DELHI (Sept 21, 2011): Malaysia is among several countries in the radar of the Bangldeshi police who are on the trail of an international syndicate linked to illegal kidney trade across several Southeast Asian countries.

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