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Organ trafficking and DICG leaders on the agenda at Deakin University

Conversations Deakin WebsiteControversial Conversations
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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Deakin University Melbourne Burwood Campus


This Public Forum brings together a range of international and Australian experts in the ethics of donation and transplantation, health policy makers and professionals and community leaders, to share their knowledge and experience regarding some of the most important and controversial issues of interest to the Australian public. An unprecedented opportunity for members of the public, health professionals, students, academics, journalists and policy makers to learn about a range of issues, and to be part of a lively conversation with a variety of stakeholders exchanging perspectives and ideas...

Transparency is essential for recognition of progress in ethical organ donation in China

WP China WebsiteThe Washington Post | 15 September 2017
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By Simon Denyer

China used to harvest organs from prisoners. Under pressure, that practice is finally ending.

China’s organ-transplant system was once a cause of international scorn and outrage, as doctors harvested organs from prisoners condemned to death by criminal courts and transplanted them into patients who often paid dearly for the privilege. After years of denials, China now acknowledges that history and has declared that the practice no longer occurs — largely thanks to the perseverance of a health official who, with the quiet backing of an American transplant surgeon, turned the system around over the span of a decade...

Suspected organ trafficking in Israel Police target those who profit. Transparency needed to prevent corruption

HOU India WebsiteThe Times of Israel | 25 September 2017
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By Raoul Wootlift

Head of transplant organization arrested over ‘organs for donations’ scheme

Charity suspected of bumping potential recipients to top of waiting list in exchange for funding, paying illegal compensation to donors.

Police on Monday arrested the head of a charity that facilitates voluntary organ donations in Israel, and three of its employees, on suspicion that it illegally traded organs for donations. The arrests took place alongside raids on the suspects’ homes and the organization’s head offices in Jerusalem, according to a police statement...

Debt drives kidney harvesting in Pakistan's citrus orchards

Reuters websiteThomson Reuters | 11 September 2017
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By Zeeshan Haider

Debt drives kidney harvesting in Pakistan's citrus orchards

The decision to sell her kidney was easy for Ismat Bibi, a housewife in Pakistan’s Punjab province. With four children to feed, a husband suffering from tuberculosis to look after, and a debt of 100,000 rupees ($950) to repay, she quickly offered herself up. The deal seemed simple enough. She would go to a hospital in a nearby city, the organ would be removed and she would get 110,000 rupees ($1,000). No one needs two kidneys...

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