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Pakistan raising awareness of organ trafficking to protect the vulnerable

The-Express-Tribune- -8-May-2017The Express Tribune | 8 May, 2017
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Illegal organ transplants: Govt orders campaign against ‘heinous’ practice

CM assures those involved in the crime will be given exemplary punishment.


Organ trafficking kills - time for action in Pakistan

Pakistan-Today- -6-May-2017Pakistan Today | 6 May, 2017
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By Rana Haider

Illegal organ trafficking thrives in the province

The police, despite claiming to have eliminated organ transplant from the province, were unaware of various incidents of organ trafficking that has been taking place in the province for the last seven years. In the stated time, transplant surgeries were carried out on over 214 patients, 15 of whom expired during the procedure.


Undercover video of organ trafficking in Egypt from BBC

BBC-News- -5-May-2017BBC News | 5 May, 2017
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Undercover video of human organ traders

The World Health Organisation says that more than 10,000 human organs are being sold illegally every year.

Egypt strengthens organ trafficking laws

Egypt-Independent- -4-May-2017Egypt Independent | 4 May, 2017
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By Ola Noureldin

Parliament committee approves harsher penalties in Organ Transplant Law

The Parliament’s Legislative Committee approved on Wednesday amendments to Egypt’s Organ Transplant Law which stipulate drafting harsher penalties into the law regulating organ transplantation in Egypt.

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