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Chapter on Declaration of Istanbul in new edition of classic text by DICG Exec member Gabe Danovitch

amazon.com- -6-June-2017amazon.com | 6 June, 2017
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By Dr. Gabriel M. Danovitch MD

Handbook of Kidney Transplantation

Concise, readable, practical and well-illustrated, the sixth edition of the Handbook of Kidney Transplantation has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect the most current knowledge and practice in the field. Ideal for physicians, surgeons, fellows, and nurses who manage kidney transplant patients, it covers everything from treatment options for end-stage renal disease to transplantation, post-operative management and transplant immunology, focusing on every key aspect of the clinical practice of kidney transplantation.

Organ trafficking exposed in India

Hindustan-Times- -30-May-2017Hindustan Times | 30 May, 2017
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By Shiv Sunny

Kidney racket: All about the scam busted at Delhi’s Batra hospital

From changing name, getting fake accent and Aadhar card, doctoring photos in family albums, the racketeers worked to a well thought out plan to pass off the kidney seller as a family member

Senior Advisor and work of DICG, plus Casina Pio IV featured by PBS

PBS-NewsHour- -30-May-2017PBS NewsHour | 30 May, 2017
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By Ryan Connelly Holmes

One doctor’s war against global organ trafficking

Dr. Francis Delmonico, a Harvard Medical School professor, has spent more than a decade leading the fight to establish global ethics principles that govern how human organs are obtained and transplanted.

Indian investigation reveals international reach of organ trafficking

Hindustan-Times- -28-May-2017Hindustan Times | 28 May, 2017
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By Ananya Bhardwaj

Kidney racket: Gang flew donors to Sri Lanka for operations

Police suspect that the syndicate may have got kidney transplants in hospitals in Thailand, Singapore and Dubai as well

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