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Indian doctors take responsibility for ending organ trafficking together with families who say yes to...

Reuters- -January-10-2017Reuters | January 10, 2017
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By Roli Srivastava

India launches organ donation awareness drive to check black market trade

Doctors in India will now get text alerts reminding them to ask families to donate organs of their deceased loved ones as part of a nationwide campaign to solve the country's organ shortage that has fuelled a black market trade in organs...

Looking forward to seeing many DICG friends in Rome to help fight organ trafficking with Pontifical Academy of Sciences

Pontifical-Academy-of-Sciences- -January-5-2017Pontifical Academy of Sciences | January 5, 2017
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The objectives of the 2017 Pontifical Academy Summit on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism are to describe the widespread extent of transplant tourism and organ trafficking (testimony given by attendees from countries with transplant services currently throughout the world); prepare a Statement referable to the Pontifical Academy Summit that would be signed by the participants and distributed worldwide; engage a group of stakeholders (Government Officials, Prosecutors, Investigators, Justices, and Journalists) who can be influential in the long term in combatting organ trafficking in an alliance with transplant professionals; develop an alliance of individuals committed to combating organ trafficking and transplant tourism – and engaging health authorities to achieve a prohibition of organ trafficking as a form of human slavery – by the representatives participating in the Pontifical Academy Summit.

We hope this Summit will create a top-down and bottom-up movement in society, to raise awareness of the extension and seriousness of this modern challenge and lay the groundwork for moral and appropriate solutions based on human dignity, freedom, justice and peace...

DICG member Campbell Fraser talks organ trafficking in the Middle East

ABC-News- -January-3-2017ABC News | January 3, 2017
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By Katherine Gregory

Syrian refugees 'selling their organs on the black market’.

Syrian refugees are so desperate for money and passage to Europe, they are selling their organs on the black market, according to some experts.

France makes organ donation the default choice. Thanks Vivek Jha for the headsup!

theguardian- -January-2-2017theguardian | January 2, 2017
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By Kim Willsher

France introduces opt-out policy on organ donation.

Change in law means consent for organs to be removed is presumed unless person joins official ‘refusal register’...

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