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Selling kidneys to feed mouths

Ahmedabad MirrorAhmedabad Mirror | March 16, 2016

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A thick silence suffocates Pandoli village. The villagers have not got over the shock of finding that 13 men from the village had sold their kidneys illegally to fulfil their basic needs for food, medicines and security. What is worse is that there could be more victims of the kidney scam from the village. Mirror visited the village which has a population of 15,204 residents, and about 4,000 families live below poverty line. Making a mockery of the Gujarat development model, the village falls in Anand district which lies in the affluent NRG-rich belt of Charotar.

The victims are mostly debt-ridden farmers and daily wage workers who allegedly sold their kidneys to hospitals in New Delhi and Sri Lanka. The racket, which has been reportedly running for over 15 years since 2001, came to light on Monday after police receiving a tip-off that around 80 villagers had sold their kidneys...

National Kidney Foundation Urges Support for Living Donor Protection Act

NKF United States

National Kidney Foundation | February 25, 2016
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New York, NY - The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is calling on members of Congress to support the Living Donor Protection Act introduced in the House and Senate today.

The bill is designed to protect the rights of living donors and remove barriers to living organ donation. Specifically, the bill would end many forms of insurance discrimination facing living donors and extend job security through the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to those who donate an organ.

“It’s unfortunate that even today we still see our nation’s living donors being denied insurance or having their premiums increased because they made a selfless decision to donate an organ to someone in need,” said Kevin Longino, CEO of the National Kidney Foundation. “This bill is an important first step to increase access to transplantation by removing the appalling barriers facing living kidney and liver donors. The National Kidney Foundation urges all members of Congress to support this bi-partisan legislation.”

In 2014, 17,108 kidney transplants were performed in the United States; however, more than 100,000 Americans are on a wait list for a kidney....

Organ trafficking trade plays on the poor and desperate in Indonesian village

ABC NewsABC News | February 18, 2016
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By Samantha Hawley with Ake Prihantari and Archicco Guilianno

In Majalaya, in west Java, poverty can be seen everywhere.

In one local village, 70 per cent of people have no employment and spend their days scavenging through rubbish.

It is here, about 200 kilometres south-east of Jakarta, the ABC found evidence of an organ trafficking trade where residents have sold their kidneys.

The lure of 75 million Rupiah, or around $7,500, was too much for eight residents of the local village.

Two of the victims there, including 18-year-old Ifan, has a wife and a young child.

In the small, dark and damp room they call home, there are very few possessions and there is not a toy in sight.

"I was in need of money to pay off my debt," Ifan said.

"I wanted to get a big amount of money. How could I do that so I could pay off my debt and provide for my family?"

Ifan said a broker named Amang came to the village to organise the deal, convincing him it was medically safe and his health would not suffer.

The medical check-ups and surgery took place at the Government-run Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital in central Jakarta.

With the money, he bought a PlayStation, a television, mobile phones and some gold.

But it was all stolen three days later.

"I would say I regret it very much," he said...

Delmonico appointed to Pontifical Academy of Sciences

Delmonico and His HolinessInternational Society of Nephrology | February 16, 2016
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By Sally Horspool

Francis Delmonico, Senior Advisor to the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group (DICG), has been appointed to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. ISN would like to congratulate him on this great achievement.

pope and DICGThrough the DICG, Delmonico has shown longstanding dedication in combating global organ trafficking, protecting its victims who are sourced for organs and helping exploited patients.

The DICG’s mission is to promote, implement and uphold the Declaration of Istanbul (DOI) so as to combat organ trafficking, transplant tourism and transplant commercialism and encourage the adoption of effective and ethical transplantation practices worldwide. CLICK HERE for more details.

The group met with Pope Francis in September 2014. This private audience was arranged by the Mayor of Rome to derive support for the principles of the DOI, CLICK HERE.

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences was established in 1936 by Pope Pius XI. Its aim is to promote the progress of the mathematical, physical, and natural sciences and the study of related epistemological problems.


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