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410 Saudis said to buy organs on black market

Saudi Arabia

 ArabianBusiness.com | April 22, 2014

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Saudi Arabia — As many as 410 Saudis have bought organs – mainly kidneys – from the black market for illegal transplantations over the past two years, Makkah daily reported.

Israel Transplant Center reaches all-time high in number of transplants, potential donors

israel 20140119-1

 The Jerusalem Post | January 19, 2014
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392 lives were saved in 2013 by deceased and live donors; 90,000 more people signed ADI donor cards.

Organ Trafficking: A protected crime?


Al Jazeera | November 5, 2013
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Opinion: Nancy Scheper- Hughes the co-founder and director of Organs Watch

No Quick Fixes for China’s Overwhelmed Organ Transplant System


The New York Times | December 17, 2013
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Suffering from bile duct cancer and with no family to support him and little money for treatment, Xu Bao, 35, vowed that if he suffered an early death he would give something back to society.

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