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Articles Relevant to the Declaration

Strengthening Global Efforts to Combat Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism: Implications of the 2018 Edition of the Declaration of Istanbul
Changing Patterns of Foreigner Transplants in Korea and Overseas Organ Transplants Among Koreans
Opposition to irresponsible global kidney exchange
Epistemic Communities, Human Rights, and the Global Diffusion of Legislation against the Organ Trade
Preventing Trafficking in Organs for Transplantation: An Important Facet of the Fight Against Human Trafficking
How to address organ trafficking – Point of View of the DICG
Development of the National Living Donor Assistance Center: reducing financial disincentives to living organ donation
AJT - Organ Transplantation for Nonresidents of the United States: A Policy for Transparency
New paper highlights difficulties of measuring transplant tourism
Police have arrested five people in Spain after a wealthy Lebanese man in need of a liver offered up to €40,000 ($55,000) to whoever was willing to undergo an illegal organ transplant.
Impact of legal measures prevent transplant tourism: the interrelated experience of The Philippines and Israel
The high cost of organ transplant commercialism
The Doha Donation Accord Aligned With the Declaration of Istanbul: Implementations to Develop Deceased Organ Donation and Combat Commercialism
Organ donation and organ trafficking: from dangerous anarchy to problematic equilibrium
Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire: The Iranian System of Paid Donation
Personal Viewpoint - The Politics of Combating the Organ Trade: Lessons From the Israeli and Pakistani Experience
New Foundation to support DOI
Editorial - Global initiatives to tackle organ trafficking and transplant
Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of organ removal in the osce region: Analysis and findings
Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism: The Role of Global Professional Ethical Standards-The 2008 Declaration of Istanbul
COMUNICADO SOBRE EL TURISMO DE TRASPLANTE - Director General del Centro Nacional de Trasplantes
Impact of legal measures prevent transplant tourism: the interrelated experience of The Philippines and Israel
The battle for human organs: organ trafficking and transplant tourism in a global context
AJT - OPTN/SRTR 2011 Annual Data Report - International Data
Practical global outreach: translating UK clinical experience - P.N. HARDEN and A. KALACHYK
Prioritizing registered donors in organ allocation: an ethical appraisal of the Israeli organ transplant law
Gabriel Danovitch's testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. Washington DC September 12 - 2012
The experiences of commercial kidney donors: thematic synthesis of qualitative research
Brain Death Determination in Israel: The First Two Years Experience Following Changes to the Brain Death Law—Opportunities and Challenges
Transplant Tourism or International Transplant Medicine? A Case for Making the Distinction
The Declaration of Istanbul—early impact and future potential
How Deceased Donor Transplantation Is Impacting a Decline in Commercial Transplantation—the Tamil Nadu Experience
Worldwide variability in deceased organ donation registries
Current Status of Organ Transplantation in Japan
The global role of kidney transplantation.
A criminological perspective: why prohibition of organ trade is not effective and how the declaration of istanbul can move forward.
The Declaration of Istanbul Is Moving Forward by Combating Transplant Commercialism and Trafficking and by Promoting Organ Donation
2009 Global Data in Organ Donation and Transplantation: Activities, Laws, and Organization
Global health regulations should distinguish between medical tourism and transplant tourism - Alireza Bagheri
Spain-Ministry of Health-ONT - Good practice guidelines in the process of organ donation
The Ethical Complexities of Online Organ Solicitation via Donor–Patient Websites: Avoiding the “Beauty Contest”
‘In India, there is no altruistic kidney giving’
When the Law Meets Organ Transplantation: The Experience From the United Kingdom
Organ trafficking increasing - The Korea Times National - Sept 16 - 2011
Regulation of Organ Transplantation in China
Ethical challenges in transplant practice in Latin America: the Aguascalientes Document
Caution: deceased donor organ commercialism!
April 30, 2011 - Stop organ trade or quit, Dr Rizvi tells government
Transplantation tourism: high risk for the recipients
Opportunities to deter transplant tourism exist before referral for transplantation and during the workup and management of transplant candidates
Uncontrolled organ donation following prehospital cardiac arrest: a potential solution to the shortage of organ donors in the United Kingdom?
Striving to achieve a national self-sufficiency
The principles of gift law and the regulation of organ donation
Global strategies to meet the organ need – the European experience
The Sum of a Human’s Parts: Global Organ Trafficking in the Twenty-First Century
Living Donor Kidney Donation in the United States: Quo Vadis?
From Helsinki to Istanbul: What can the transplant community learn from experience in clinical research?
Is altruistic-directed living unrelated organ donation a legal fiction?
Who Cares? A Lesson from Pakistan on the Health of Living Donors
The doctor–patient relationship in living donor kidney transplantation
Kidney Vending: The “Trojan Horse” of Organ Transplantation
Information about organ trafficking, transplant tourism and its consequences

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