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About the Custodian Group

The role of the DICG is to develop a comprehensive strategy and implement plans to achieve its mission and to coordinate activities related to the Declaration of Istanbul. The DICG operates in the context of complementary documents, in particular the WHO Guiding Principles on Human Cell, Tissue and Organ Transplantation.

The Steering Committee of the Istanbul Summit has worked to prepare for the creation of the DICG at a series of meetings following the 2008 Istanbul Summit. On September 30, 2009, the Steering Committee of the Declaration of Istanbul met in Beirut, Lebanon, in conjunction with the Congress of the Asian Society of Transplantation, to formulate a strategy and plans for the continued implemention of the Declaration. 

A series of goals were developed to achieve the mission of the DICG and to coordinate activities related to the Declaration of Istanbul. These goals include measures to enhance compliance with the Principles of the Declaration by professional societies, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations funding transplantation research, and journals publishing reports of clinical and research activities in transplantation.  These goals also emphasize the need for national governments, regulatory authorities and healthcare institutions to develop policies that put an end to commerce in human organs.

The DICG was formally established in 2010.


The DICG is composed of a number of task force groups under the leadership of two chairs. Dr. Beatriz Dominguez-Gil and Dr. Gabriel Danovitch currently serve as Co-Chairs.  Dr. Delmonico serves as an Executive Secretary available to all Task Forces to communicate and coordinate activities among the Task Forces.


All participants in the Istanbul Summit meeting are invited to play a continuing role in the work of the DICG.

Details on membership requirements and selection criteria will be published as these are established.


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