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DISCLAIMER: The news stories that appear on this page represent information included in the global conversation on organ trafficking and transplantation. It is not possible for us to verify the contents of all news stories highlighted here and published by popular global media sources. However, since these stories are related to the DICG’s mission and interests, we are including them here. It is important to know what the global population is seeing and reading, in addition to the information disseminated by the DICG. It is not the DICG’s intention to discredit our colleagues’ work or circulate rumors. Therefore, we will stick to reputed and reliable news sources.I f you would like to offer comments on any article posted by us, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our Executive Officer will consider your submission and, if suitable, publish it.

Interview with DICG Co-Chairs

December, 2023
DICG Co-Chairs sat down to answer some key questions.

Telegraph: Revealed: Global private hospital group embroiled in 'cash for kidneys' racket

December 3, 2023
"One of the world’s biggest private hospital groups is embroiled in a ‘cash for kidneys’ racket in which impoverished people from Myanmar are being enticed to sell their organs for profit." DICG Co-chair Sanjay Nagral is interviewed in this extensive article.

CNN: Gang removed hundreds of kidneys to sell to wealthy clients, Pakistan police say

October 3, 2023
"Police in eastern Pakistan have smashed an illegal organ harvesting ring, arresting eight people for surgically removing kidneys from hundreds of patients for wealthy people needing a transplant"

The Economist: In America, lots of usable organs go unrecovered or get binned

September 16, 2023
"America has more deceased donors, relative to its population, than any other country, but that does not adjust for type of death. "

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TTS 2024 - Istanbul

September 22-24, 2024
DICG parent organization, The Transplantation Society will be holding its biannial congress in Istanbul in 2024.

World Congress of Nephrology 2024

Buenos Aires, Argentina April 13-16
DICG Parent Organization: The International Society of Nephrology will be holding it's annual congress in Buenos Aires. The DICG will be having a session in the main program. Several members of the DICG will be presenting.

The Annual UAE Organ Donation and Transplantation Congress

Jan 27th -31st 2024
DICG Co-chairs, Thomas Müller and Sanjay Nagral along with DICG Council Member, Marcelo Cantarovich are members of the UAE Organ Donation and Transplantation Congress Scientific Committee.

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