November 2022

Overview of Past and Future Activities

The DICG participated at TTS2022 in Buenos Aires Argentina in September, 2022. A joint session with TTS in the program entitled: “TTS-DICG on organ trade, trafficking and transplant tourism: government's and scientific societies' responsibilities” Speakers included Elmi Muller, Sanjay Nagral and Efstratios Chatzixiros (WHO) alongside a roundtable of panelists. Registered attendees can view the recorded presentation on the TTS2022 website by logging in.

The DICG also hosted a half day workshop on Transplantation in the Context of Migration and Refugees. Speakers included Sylwia Gawronska (UNODC), Beatriz Dominguez-Gil, Jolanta Malyszko, Antoine Barbari, Riadh Fadhil, Peter Stock, Alejandro Niño Murica, and Toby Coates. The recording of the workshop can be viewed by all, along with other DICG recorded activities on the DICG homepage.

The DICG will be participating in a session and planning other activities at WCN2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. We hope to see our members and representatives from DOI endorsing organizations there! Please reach out if you plan on attending.

On October 25, 2022 the UNDOC launched the UNODC Toolkit on the Investigation and Prosecution of Trafficking in Persons for Organ Removal. The DICG encourages all to review the new UNODC toolkit and share it across your networks.

The DICG asks that ALL healthcare professionals who work with transplant recipients and donors to participate in the ITOT survey. The anonymous survey is for health professionals about their experience in providing care to patients who travel internationally for organ donation or transplantation, and about their views on collecting and reporting information about international travel for organ transplantation (ITOT). Your participation is very important.

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The DICG Course on Ethical Issues in Transplantation and The Declaration of Istanbul

In April, 2021 the DICG launched a course on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism. The course was designed to give a complete overview of the DOI. There are three main modules in the curriculum. History of the DOI, 2018 Edition of the DOI and Ethical Issues Related to the DOI. There is also a series of regional updates. The course is free and open to all participants who want to learn about ethics in transplantation, the DOI and the DICG. We plan to update the course with recordings in 2022.

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